RWC Customer, Job# 4158

The process of building our home with Ray Wolfe Construction was truly a pleasure- professional, well-organized, and efficient from beginning to end. Before reading on, it might be helpful to know that this is the third time we have built a home with these construction professionals. The team at Ray Wolfe contributed invaluable knowledge, design and engineering suggestions that supported us in designing not only a beautiful home, but one that is cost effective, energy efficient, and extremely well-made. Building in an area with structured CC&R’s and California Coastal Commission regulations accompanied by newly introduced building codes meant that absolute attention to every detail was critical. Even given these potentially stressful conditions, Ryan Wolfe’s leadership and oversight made all our meetings with the Ray Wolfe team constructive, productive, effectively organized, pleasant and informative experience. In addition to our meetings, Ryan provided us with project support information tools specifically crafted to make the building process easy for us, such as contact information for vendors, and sequential, chronological schedules and reminders to guide us as to when we needed to make decisions on windows, roofing, moldings, hardware, appliances, cabinets, finishes, etc. These were extremely helpful in guiding us through the building decision-making process and enabled us to move in exactly on schedule! Moreover, we have found on all of our building projects with Ray Wolfe that the construction cost estimate is exactly what you pay- there are no hidden costs, no failures to estimate costs properly. No wonder the local banks have such high regard for Ray Wolfe Construction! All of the people at Ray Wolfe, from management to accounting, from designers to the construction and sub-contractor professionals, are always respectful, welcoming, clear in their communications, and sincerely accommodating to obtain the best quality home possible. Without hesitation, we strongly recommend Ray Wolfe Construction and invite you to consider them for your building projects. We know that building a home is a very personal experience. We are confident that you will find that the folks at Ray Wolfe are not only progessional and caring but also like family and friends in the very best sense.