Custom Cabinets

We have a state of the art cabinet shop run by one of the top cabinet makers in Humboldt County. In-house, custom production offers many advantages. They include:

  • Complete control over the quality of your cabinets
  • No communication breakdowns that often occur between cabinet provider and contractor
  • A superior product for about the same cost of prefab cabinets
  • No schedule-busting wait times that often come with sourcing from a 3rd party


We have Ray Wolfe Cabinets in our Kitchen, Bathroom and Rental.  We gave them a rough design and they turned out perfect! They are sturdy, beautiful and just what we wanted.  Marc Altman was great to work with.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends!

~Terry R.  McKinleyville, CA

The entire team at Ray Wolfe is very professional and fun to work with. They constructed and installed beautiful cherry wood cabinets in our kitchen, family room and living room. We did some of the remodel work ourselves which I know can be a challenge for a contractor, but they handled all the challenges we created for them with a solution. They often went above and beyond like climbing into the rafters. We now have a great space to live in, thanks to a great company!

~DKingshill   Eureka, CA